Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Adjusting to a New President

As you are probably aware, recently Mr. Donald Trump has won the 2016 United States General Election.

Since election night, a lot has happened. I know many people on the Republican side who feel relieved and hopeful for the future. I also know a few on the Democratic side who are shocked that he actually won - some are even afraid of what will happen next. Even some non-voters have great concern for these next few months. This country truly has mixed emotions.

It's a very important time for all of us, regardless of who we supported in the general election. Will Trump end up like Adolf Hitler as many liberals tend to believe, or will he end up more like Ronald Reagan, like many conservatives tend to believe?

Food for thought.

One other thing I find really interesting is the sudden demeanor change of both the democratic party base, and Donald Trump himself. While before the election, Mr. Trump was more outspoken and aggressive, now he seems to be more calm and mellow. By contrast, many anti-Trump protesters seem to be "throwing a tantrum" about the outcome of the election. This seems a little uncalled for, to me, seeing that only weeks before, their message was loud and clear: "Trump has to accept the outcome of the election".

I guess they had a change of heart when their candidate ended up losing... what do you think?