Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My Name

So, recently I've been thinking about names and what they mean. Bible characters put a lot of emphasis on the meaning of names. For example, Abraham means "father of many". Samuel means "heard by God". And Ichabod means "no glory".

So I decided to look up the meaning of my name. And guess what I found?

The name Trent means "swift" or "he who dwells by the rapid stream". I kind of like the second definition better, because it actually seems to fit me really well.

You see, my church has recently put a strong emphasis on the idea of "overflow". Our mission statement is we glorify God by making disciples who overflow his presence everywhere we go. It's the idea of being filled by God so continuously, that we can't help but overflow that love and truth onto others.

To me, my name reminds me to stay by Jesus - the water source of my life. It reminds me that I need to continuously be filled by his presence so I can be effective for Him, no matter where I go.


How about you? What's your name mean - and how can you take that and apply it to your life? Let me know in the comments section below!

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