The mission of The Trent Blake Times is to provide a Christian teen's perspective on life's current issues. Here are topics Trent writes on:

1. Christian Life

Most often, I will write (or talk) about the Christian Life. Whether that be thoughts on how to share your faith in school, deep level theology, or personal stories and experiences. My goal in writing on this topic is to help other young people to pursue God and engage in healthy Christian fellowship in this online community.

2. Relationships

Another one of my favorite topics to write (or speak) on, is relationships. Whether they're friendships or opposite gender romantic relationships, my hope is to equip you to be most effective in honoring God with joy-filled God-focused relationships.

3. Politics

Occasionally, I'll write about politics. No, I won't be campaigning for any specific candidate during election season, or bring you biased news stories like much of the mainstream media. My hope and prayer is that I can provide you the facts, and let you decide what you want to think about it.