In 2015, I was given an idea - to write a book on relationships. I've never written a book before, so I wasn't sure where to begin - so I just started writing. Now, over a year later, the manuscript is finished, and I'm at the beginning of my search for a publisher.

My hope and prayer is that one day, once this book is published, it can change hearts, and in turn revolutionize the world.

The book is called Revolutionary Relationships, and in it, I attempt to shake up the cultural norm of our generation, while providing an alternative to the typical system of romance that often leads teens and young people down the path of frustration and heartbreak. Here I bring light to the fact that there is a better way then we normally are led to believe. No, it's not stuffy and aristocratic like some systems of relationships, and no it's not foolish and impulsive like others. It's balanced - because in this system, the main focus is not on ourselves, but on Christ, and bringing the most joy and honor to Him through our lives.

If you'd like to receive an alert when the book gets published, or are a publishing agent wishing to work with me to get Revolutionary Relationships in print, feel free to contact me via email me here:

TrentBlake [dot] Public [at] Gmail [dot] com

I will also be posting updates about my book on the blog, whenever any important news about it occurs - so stay tuned!

God bless,
Trent Blake